Jamu Lodge, a Unique and Unforgettable Experience


If you are looking for a unique and authentic travel experience in the Ecuadorian Amazon, you cannot miss Jamu Lodge. Located in the Orellana region, the heart of the green lung of the Earth, this lodge offers an unforgettable and enriching experience for lovers of nature and adventure.

Jamu Lodge is surrounded by the Amazon rainforest, where you can immerse yourself in the biodiversity of the earth and discover the unique flora and fauna that populate this wonderful ecosystem. The hotel is designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly, offering guests a comfortable and eco-friendly experience.

One of the main attractions of Jamu Lodge is the opportunity to join jungle tours and explore the natural beauty of the Amazon. From hikes in the jungle to canoe rides through rivers and lagoons, you can embark on an exciting adventure and discover the magic of this place.

Below we will show you the experience of some users who have visited Jamu Lodge.

Mother and daughter in the jungle, the best walk

Chris A.

As my first family experience in the Amazon, I feel very happy with the overall experience.
My mom and I stayed at the Jamu Lodge 4d/3n. The place is very cozy, to be in the middle of the jungle it is very beautiful, comfortable and complete. The space is very neat, orderly and clean.
The food was delicious, in fact each dish we ate was varied and with a good portion. The staff very friendly and attentive. We all eat at one table and I really liked that, it allows us to get to know each other, talk and laugh together.

The guide Vero, very friendly and charismatic, shared everything she knew about the jungle and answered every question we had.
The day and night excursions and the explanation of the plants and animals we saw were quite interesting. It was very pleasant and unique to see all those animals (alligators, monkeys, birds of different colors and sizes, butterflies, turtles, cobras, dolphins and more), in their own habitat. And not to mention the sunsets, something beautiful (when the sky is clear).

A recommendation: whichever way you get to the Cuyabeno bridge (meeting point), check that the road is available (if you drive there) or if you go by public bus that there is a route to your final destination when you return.

It is an experience that I really recommend to people who like this type of travel and adventure, who do not mind a bath in cold or warm water, getting wet in the rain, getting muddy on walks or listening to the sounds of noise at all times. the jungle (crickets, birds, toads, etc.). Absolutely for me it was a disconnection from the noise of the city.

My visit to Cuyabeno - Jamu Logde

Kary P.

Our trip to Cuyabeno really was spectacular, Jamu Logde is a beautiful place surrounded by nature and tranquility, the food was spectacular as well as the rooms, caring for the environment is important to them and that is excellent. I would appreciate more kindness from the employees.

Special and unforgettable

Tamara O.

We loved everything and we would repeat the experience. The guides made this experience even more special. Special mention to Darwin Jiménez and Ronald Silva, passionate and experts in the Amazon and especially Cuyabeno. THANK YOU!
The place, the cabin/room, food, cleanliness, treatment of the kitchen staff, met and exceeded our expectations.

Very good

Jose A Sopla.

The facilities at Jamu Lodge are really beautiful, I liked their design even though they are small and obviously that reason is understandable as it is located in a Nature Reserve that makes it even more special since you coexist with true nature. The rooms are very close together but luckily we had a family who were friendly and respectful and there were no problems. The food is really delicious, congratulations to the Chef. The only thing that did not completely satisfy me was the guide, since she needed more energy when transmitting the information, but the rest was excellent.

They are the best! unforgettable adventure!

Nathaly S.

Birthday in the Amazon!
The Cuyabeno jungle is magnificent. Feeling the peace, the pure air, the natural, the free and the starry sky all together is unique!
I went with my brother and friends for 3 days and 2 nights (short time), from the beginning they treated us very well.
Ronald is an excellent guide, he knows everything, attentive, charismatic and jovial! The activities were quite enriching! We even saw the PINK DOLPHINS!
The Lodge is very beautiful, it looks very natural inside, you don't even notice where it is from the outside.
The rooms are clean and comfortable.
The food is exquisite! Bravo Chef!
Thank you very much to all the staff!

Amazing trip

Majo V.

It is one of the best trips I have ever made. The food is exquisite and the rooms are super nice and in my opinion a luxury to be so deep in the jungle and be friendly enough with the environment, respecting the ecosystems. The tours are good and the activities are very interesting. We learned a lot on our visit. I want to come back!

Very good experience

Marion Avendaño.

I really liked the design of the cabins, they have the comforts of the city and with biodegradable materials it seemed very good to me. The food is also quite good, I am a vegetarian and they made me abundant and filling dishes. Congratulations to the chef!
I really liked the tours, I had the guide Ronald and he knew how to explain the animals and plants well. The only tour that would improve is the visit to the jungle during the day. Time was short and then having to paddle back in the middle of the day with full sun seemed very hard. In any case, it was a very pleasant experience.
The staff was very friendly

An incredible visit

Ana R.

The activities in Laguna Grande are the best experiences: you can see pink dolphins or the sunset in the lagoon, as well as observe insects at night or walk in the flooded forest. The food is delicious, especially dinner, which is the most substantial of the day. There is a box lunch, which is not really a box lunch, but something else, on the first day, upon arrival, and on the last day, upon departure

A trip to paradise!!

Jennifer D.

Our trip to Cuyabeno was more than wonderful, I still have no words to describe the magic that feels like having this experience.

Jamu Lodge is perfect for getting to know Cuyabeno, the modern, clean and comfortable rooms do not have a single mosquito inside. The food with very varied and delicious dishes. The impeccable staff service (within the lodge and contact with the sales staff). The guide (Zuli), very intelligent, explained interesting facts about the biodiversity of the area and was also very kind, fun and patient. I think it is excellent that the lodge is very ecological and friendly to the environment and also has a social commitment to the surrounding communities.

Ecuador is incredible and the Cuyabeno wildlife reserve is the PARADISE that everyone should know, they have made me feel truly ALIVE every second.

Wonderful visit

Juan Carlos E.

It was one of the best experiences on our entire trip. The organization is excellent and all the activities are wonderful: hiking in the jungle day and night, visiting the indigenous community, sailing along the river. The facilities are very comfortable and the cooks are exceptional. We had a delicious time those four days.

Source: Tripadvisor

In short, Jamu Lodge is much more than just accommodation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It is a unique and unforgettable experience that will allow you to connect with nature, live exciting adventures and discover the cultural wealth of the region.

If you are looking for an authentic and enriching trip, you cannot miss visiting Jamu Lodge.

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