Cuyabeno Frequent questions

1. How long is the bus ride?

The trip takes between 8 to 9 hours approximately.

2. When I arrive in Quito, should I acclimatize myself before leaving or can I go directly?

Yes you can go directly.

3. Do you have special discounts?

We grant discounts for children in relation to age. 0 to 3 years: 100% discount, 3 years to 7 years: 50% discount.

4. When do you have 4 day tours?

Our fixed operating days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; You can start the tour on one of the days described.

5. What days do the tourist buses leave?

From Quito to the Cuyabeno Bridge: The bus goes from the Blue House Hostel La Floresta (Leonidas Gutiérrez and Mariscal Foch St) at 11 pm, every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

From Cuyabeno Bridge to Quito: The bus leaves Cuyabeno bridge at noon, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. the bus arrives to Quito around 9-10 pm.

6. How to book 5 day tours?

It is a normal reservation, you only have to request that it be 5d / 4n (verifying date of entry and exit).

7. What does the 4 day and 3 night tours include?

All tours include the following: (describe what is included and not included as it is at the end of this page

8. Do you handle special prices for agency?

To do business together, please contact us so we can provide you with the relevant information.

9. Does the tours include Ayahuasca ceremony?

We do not offer this service.

10. Are rain boots included in the tours?

Yes, we have rubber boots up to size 45.

11. Are life jackets included in the tours?

Yes, we have vests.

12. Do you do group tours?

Yes, all of our tours are group based.

13. Is there a collection point in Lago Agrio?

No, our tours do not start in Lago Agrio.

14. Where is the starting point?

The tour starts at 11:30 noon at the entrance bridge to the Cuyabeno Reserve.

15. How many alternative routes are there to get to Cuyabeno?

There are 2 routes, that of Papallacta and that of Baños.

16. On what days do your tours depart from lago agrio?

Our tours do not start in Lago Agrio, therefore we do not start from that point on any day. The tour starts and ends directly at the entrance bridge to the Cuyabeno Reserve.

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