How to get to Cuyabeno?

You have three ways of travel to get to Cuyabeno Reserve
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By public bus
Travel by public bus the night before the tour.
You can take the bus from Terminal de Carcelen in Quito, for this we can mention transport companies such as: Transpoortes Baños or Putumayo.
The buses cover the Quito-Puerto El Carmen route, and therefore can leave passengers at the Cuyabeno river bridge.

Units are leaving the terminal at approximately 7:00pm, 9:00pm or 11:00pm; it is recommended to go with a reasonable time to take the bus without difficulty, the trip lasts approximately 8 hours.
Pick up point in Cuyabeno
By tourist bus
Travel by tourist bus the night before the tour.
To get directly to the meeting point you can take a tourist bus from Ecuador Treasure company, this transport complies with the direct route Quito-Cuyabeno-Quito and  has a cost of $30 per person per way.
To take this transport it will be necessary to check availability and confirm in advance.
The pick-up in Quito takes place at the following times and meeting pionts: (La Mariscal) at 23:00pm
Pick up point in Cuyabeno
By airplane
You will be arrive in Lago Agrio City.
Passengers could arrive to the city of Lago Agrio by air, but it is extremely necessary that you have already landed in that city at 8:30 am maximum so that you can go to the entrance bridge to the Cuyabeno Reserve, where the tour begins with the Jamu Lodge joininh the group of passengers to start the normal program.

To go to the meeting point from Lago Agrio, passengers can take a public bus that goes to Puerto El Carmen and should get off at the Cuyabeno Reserve Bridge; the buses that cover this route are from companies as "Putumayo" or "Petrolera".

On the other hand, we can offer the additional transfer service from the Lago Agrio airport to the entrance bridge to the Cuyabeno Reserve at cost of $60 (1 to 4 people), for which it will be necessary to confirm it in advance.
Pick up point in Cuyabeno
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