Cuyabeno 5 Days

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Cuyabeno tour of 5 days


Cuyabeno Tour

Enjoy the abundant wildlife of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest on our Cuyabeno tour 5 days. In our tours you will be able to observe pink dolphins, anaconda and a great variety of birds.

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Itinerary of cuyabeno tour

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Cuyabeno tour of 5 days 4 nights | Jamu Eco Lodge

Itinerary of cuyabeno tour


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Our tour begins at the entrance of the Cuyabeno River where we will enjoy a delicious box lunch.

Later, our naturalist guide will provide information about the Cuyabeno Reserve and important recommendations to start sailing for two hours on the Cuyabeno River to Jamu Lodge.

During the canoe ride there is a first look at the jungle and you can observe different types of birds such as caciques, orioles and the prehistoric bird Hoatzin.

You can also see a variety of monkeys and other jungle animals, depending on the weather and weather conditions. We will arrive at Jamu Lodge around 4:30 pm.

At that point they will show you their rooms and you can relax a bit. After the siesta we will leave the lodge to swim in the lagoon and see a beautiful sunset in the middle of the Laguna Grande. Then you will return to the camp for dinner and you can finish your first day in the jungle, relax in a hammock or have a drink at the bar.
After breakfast there is a walk of approximately 3 to 4 hours through the primary forest, where the guide will explain about a tropical forest, and medicinal plants. You can also see large trees such as CEIBO or small insects such as ants.

We will return to the camp for lunch and take a break and in the afternoon we will go out to see the beautiful butterflies and to swim in the lagoon. If possible we will be able to observe the beautiful grazed dolphins and enjoy the impressive sunset before returning to the camp for dinner.

At night we carry out a nocturnal activity, focused on the search for alligators on the banks of the river.
After breakfast we depart in a canoe downriver for about an hour to visit a family from the Tarapuy community, where we can learn how to prepare Casabe, a traditional Yuca bread, where we will help in its preparation.

We will also learn to use the materials of the jungle to make bread, in this we occupy the whole day until two in the afternoon, when we will have to return to the Lodge.

After lunch we have relaxation activities; To end the day we will have a short walk through the primary forest focused on observing nocturnal insects, such as spiders, gekos or scorpions and listening to the noises and sounds of the night.
There will be a visit to the surroundings for bird watching by native canoe called "quilla", and another walk in the forest are the activities for day 4. While paddling you have the best opportunity to see more fauna and flora and you can get a good idea of what a flooded forest looks like. A great variety of different birds and monkeys can be observed. Because this activity is approximately 4 to 5 hours long, we will have a box lunch on the tour with us.
On the fifth and last day of the Cuyabeno tour 5 days, early in the morning before breakfast, we will have a bird watching excursion that is optional and will depend a lot on weather conditions; Upon returning to the lodge we will have a delicious breakfast and then the transfer back to the Cuyabeno Reserve Bridge where the tour with us ends.

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