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Explore Cuyabeno's untouched wonders with our all-inclusive packages.

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind adventure in the heart of the Cuyabeno Reserve! Embark on a journey to discover the unparalleled beauty of this natural wonder. Act now to secure your spot on these exclusive tours.

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Limited Offer: Starting From $333 per person

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Discover Our Cuyabeno Reserve Packages

Choose the perfect adventure that suits your needs.

4 Days Adventure

Experience the ultimate 4-day exploration of Cuyabeno. Enjoy guided tours, wildlife spotting, and cultural interactions

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3 Days Getaway

A shorter, yet immersive, 3-day escape into the heart of the Amazon. Perfect for a quick adventure.

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Create Lasting Memories in Cuyabeno: An Eco-Adventure Paradise

Wildlife Exploration

Observe diverse wildlife, including pink dolphins, anacondas, and numerous bird species, during guided canoe rides and jungle walks.

Cultural Experience

Visit the Tarapuy community to learn traditional bread-making (Casabe) and explore the use of jungle materials.

Adventure Activities

Enjoy activities such as swimming in the Laguna Grande, sunset views, nocturnal wildlife excursions, and bird watching.

Eco-friendly Accommodations

Stay at Jamu Lodge, which focuses on sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

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Limited Offer: Starting From $333 per person

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What Our Adventurers Say

Hear from our satisfied adventurers about their unforgettable experiences in Cuyabeno. Join them and create your own memories!

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