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When you visit Cuyabeno, you will be able to observe a great variety of animals and you will also enjoy endless possibilities of activities. One of them is Trekking through the forest on the mainland, which is surrounded by a rich diversity of trees up to 40 m high; in which lianas the thickness of your own body are intertwined. Also it will keep track of how many different insects you can see.
A few minutes away from the lodge; traveling by canoe, you enter the primary forest, the same that is the culminating point of Cuyabeno and Jamu Lodge. Also you can access the incredible diversity of plants and animals by a canoe trip around the lake, where you can see exotic trees and plants, such as orchids, bromeliads, jasmine and various species of birds ranging from hoazines, macaws, toucans. , cormorants, tanagers, Anhingas and kingfishers. Likewise, the area has an abundant reptile life; like yellow-spotted Amazon tortoises, alligators, anacondas, and many other different species of snakes. With a little patience, you may also be able to glimpse the evolution of unique river pink dolphins, considered among the most intelligent animals, the same ones that have a well-known affinity for the fresh water of rivers in the Amazon rainforest.
Your adventure can take you to swamps muddy to the knees, called “Moretal”, or to the small river Hormiga where the fish swim freely, paddle down the Cuyabeno river and see an anaconda sunbathe in a tree, look at a pygmy marmoset; one of the smallest monkeys in the world running fast through the trees. And from the walkway of our camp, see how the squirrel monkeys use their long tail to clean some fruits, and then eat them.
The Cuyabeno Reserve It is a protected area since July 26, 1979, with an area of ​​603,380 square kilometers (2,329.7 square miles). One of the main objectives of the Cuyabeno Reserve is the ongoing conservation of the Amazon ecosystem; the most complex ecosystem in the world.

This Reserve is a complex of rivers, lagoons and floating forests. This protected area is characterized by its high biodiversity and the interrelationships between the species that inhabit the area. The Geomorphology of the Reserve is a consequence of the dragging of sediments from rivers and materials from the Andes, mainly by the Aguarico River. The enormous volume of water cascading down from the mountains keeps the water levels naturally high, ensuring that the river is navigable year-round. In the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve there are more than 10 species of monkeys, 500 species of birds and an incredible record of 307 species of trees per hectare. There are two climatic seasons; dry and rainy.

The entrance to the Lodge is done by river transport (rivers), a service that is offered by the local communities with the coordination of the lodge, with a highly trained staff and certified guides.

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