Laguna Grande in Cuyabeno: A Mirror of the Amazon


The Cuyabeno Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador is home to priceless natural treasures, and at the heart of this lush Amazon rainforest lies the majestic Laguna Grande. This body of water, a serene mirror amidst dense vegetation, is much more than a simple lagoon, it is a vibrant ecosystem that contains the very essence of Amazonian biodiversity.

Embark on the adventure of exploring Laguna Grande and immerse yourself in the wonder of Cuyabeno from Jamulodge.

Discovering the Laguna Grande

A Mirror of Serene Waters:

The Laguna Grande appears as a vast mirror of serene waters reflecting the sky, the surrounding vegetation and, on lucky occasions, the fauna that inhabits it. This aquatic expanse surrounded by a symphony of intense greens creates a landscape that seems straight out of a dream.

Biodiversity on the Shores:

The shores of Laguna Grande are a melting pot of biodiversity with giant trees emerging from its waters, providing ideal habitats for a variety of tropical birds and aquatic mammals from macaws that roam the skies to pink dolphins that play nearby, Laguna Grande It is a witness to life in its purest form.

Aquatic Adventures

Bird Watching:

Considered a paradise for bird lovers, the Laguna Grande in Jamulodge is home to herons, kingfishers, eagles and other winged species. Bird watching tours provide a unique opportunity to marvel at the diversity of plumages and melodious songs.

Encounters with Pink Dolphins:

Lucky visitors can witness the graceful dance of pink dolphins, an iconic species of the region known for their unique coloration, and often curiously approach the boats, providing unforgettable moments.

Care and Conservation

Sustainable tourism:

Recognizing the importance of Laguna Grande as a valuable natural resource, local tour operators in Jamulodge are committed to sustainable tourism, offering experiences that minimize environmental impact and contribute to the preservation of this unique ecosystem.

Habitat Conservation:

Conservation projects work hard to protect the habitat around Laguna Grande. Environmental awareness and reforestation efforts seek to maintain this environment as an undisturbed refuge for wildlife.

How to Explore Laguna Grande:

For those looking to immerse themselves in the magic of Laguna Grande, numerous tour operators offer guided excursions and these tours allow visitors to explore the lagoon by canoe, observe wildlife up close, and immerse themselves in the serenity of this special corner of the Amazon. .

Laguna Grande in Cuyabeno is not just a destination, it is an experience. A trip to this haven of tranquility promises amazing discoveries, unforgettable encounters with nature and an authentic connection with the very essence of the Ecuadorian Amazon. In each wave of the Laguna Grande, the richness and vitality of this unique ecosystem is reflected, inviting us to appreciate and protect this gift of nature for future generations. Embark on the adventure of exploring Laguna Grande and immerse yourself in the wonder of Cuyabeno!

Laguna Grande in Cuyabeno, especially from Jamulodge, is not simply a destination; It is an experience, it is a trip to this haven of tranquility that promises amazing discoveries and unforgettable encounters with nature where every wave in the Laguna Grande reflects the richness and vitality of this unique ecosystem.

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