Jamu Lodge, the best hotel in the Cuyabeno reserve


If you are planning to explore the fascinating Cuyabeno Reserve, you will find a diverse range of hotels that offer tours guided by native and bilingual guides. Among all these options, Jamu Lodge emerges as the most prominent choice.

The Cuyabeno Reserve is an authentic treasure of biodiversity, positioning itself as one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in Ecuador. Therefore, choosing the right accommodation is crucial, and Jamu Lodge stands out not only for its quality, but also for its positive impact on the local community and its commitment to the conservation of the environment.

In the following lines, we will delve into our commitment to nature, our water use practices and other aspects that distinguish us as the unbeatable option among the lodges in the Cuyabeno Reserve.

Commitment to nature

The Cuyabeno reserve stands out for being the second largest and best preserved in the country, thanks to efficient and strict administration. In 2009, Jamu Lodge implemented its sustainability policy, which has been refined over time, adjusting goals and adapting processes to meet its environmental commitment. Among our actions, we highlight the use of 100% solar energy in the hotel's operation, which allows us to have energy 24 hours a day, lighting in all areas and food refrigeration. We use a gasoline generator for an average of 20 minutes a day for tasks that solar energy cannot fully cover.

Commitment to Water

For us, water is an increasingly scarce primary resource, so it is essential to return the water we use to the environment in the same or better condition than that we take from our sources. Our wastewater treatment system is designed to supply the hotel at its maximum capacity. Thanks to strict and disciplined maintenance, we manage to maintain optimal levels of oxygen and surfactants within the permitted parameters. In addition, we use biodegradable cleaning products, such as soaps and shampoo, which help us maintain water quality. As a result of these treatments, we obtain fertilizer for our garden, and the residual sludge is treated in a drying chamber, thus closing the cycle of the treatment process.

Biodegradable elements and waste reduction

In our management, the choice of suppliers is crucial and that is why we have selected an ISO-certified laboratory that guarantees that all the cleaning products we use have more than 90% biodegradability, which significantly reduces the impact of surfactants on soil. In addition, we opt for large containers to minimize the production of garbage. As for food, we buy it in bulk, without packaging, and drinks come in returnable containers to minimize waste of single-use plastic and other packaging.

Commitment to the community

Our river transportation is operated by the Siona community of Secoya, who operate our canoes in a dignified manner and receive a fair wage. We are proud to be the first hotel to train and provide opportunities to young people from the community to become national park guides. Exceptional guides have emerged from our training and now work in various lodges, which is an ongoing commitment for us. We also visit several families in the community as part of our cultural activities program, where we show our clients the authentic local way of life.

During the pandemic, Jamu Lodge was the only hotel to completely rebuild its infrastructure, taking advantage of this time to make significant improvements and redesign all areas of the hotel, including expanding the kitchen, separating processes, improving the dining room and renovation of the rooms, which increased their size by 40%. These actions show our commitment to our visitors, anticipating better moments and betting on conservation as a lifestyle, using recycled materials, such as Tetrapark roofs and recycled polypropylene.

One of our most controversial decisions was the use of concrete in our outdoor infrastructure, especially exposed to humidity. This is because, although wood would be an optimal option, its durability is limited to about 5-9 years, while the growth of the trees necessary to replace it takes more than 100 years. Therefore, we consider that concrete offers us a long-term guarantee with a lower environmental impact. These actions, along with many others, consolidate us as a solid and responsible destination, where our commitment to the environment and to our clients is reflected in all these initiatives, and we would like others to adopt our commitment and discipline.

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