Discover the Magic of Cuyabeno


Nestled in the heart of Ecuador, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve is a jewel of biodiversity that attracts travelers in search of adventure and disconnection. This vast mosaic of rivers and lagoons is the perfect setting to connect with pristine nature and explore ancient culture.

Unforgettable Adventures in the Heart of the Amazon.

At Jamu Lodge, we invite you to discover all the activities that will make your trip to Cuyabeno an unforgettable experience.

1. Navigation through the Cuyabeno Rivers:

The flooded jungle will envelop you in its green embrace, while pink dolphins play in the waters around you and alligators watch from the shores. It's not just a trip; It is a path towards understanding jungle life in its maximum splendor.

2. Ecological Walks:

Put on your boots and get ready to follow the trails our guides know like the back of their hand. Each step is an opportunity to learn about the plants that heal and the creatures that camouflage themselves among the foliage. Here, every insect, every bird and every frog tells a story of survival and coexistence.

3. Sighting of Exotic Birds:

The awakening of the Cuyabeno is a concert orchestrated by its birds. Toucans and parrots add vivid colors to the green jungle canvas. We will provide you with binoculars and knowledge so that you become an enviable bird watcher, able to distinguish the song of an oriole from the call of a kingfisher.

4. Meetings with Indigenous Communities:

There is no better way to experience the Amazon than through its native peoples. To visit their homes is to open a window into traditions that have endured for eons. Dance to the rhythm of their drums, savor their food and let their crafts tell the story of a people united to the land.

5. Sustainable Piranha Fishing:

You may have heard scary stories about piranhas, but in Cuyabeno you will learn the truth behind the myth. Go sustainable fishing under the sunset and experience the thrill of catching (and releasing) these amazing fish while learning their role in the ecosystem.

6. Night Excursions:

A night safari takes you to meet mysterious beings straight out of a story and with every creak in the darkness the imagination is fueled, but rest assured that our guides are there to illuminate your path, ensuring your comfort and safety.

7. Stargazing:

Lying on your back, under the starry blanket of the Amazon, you will feel infinitely small and connected to the universe. The absence of light pollution makes Cuyabeno a paradise for amateur astronomers and night dreamers alike.

The Cuyabeno Reserve is more than a destination:

It is a transformative experience that awaits you with open arms. At Jamu Lodge, we ensure that your stay and adventures are comfortable, safe and completely immersive.


Why is the Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve considered a joy of biodiversity?

The Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve is considered a joy of biodiversity due to its vast mosaic of rivers and lagoons, which attracts travelers in search of adventure and disconnection. Its rich biodiversity includes species such as pink dolphins, alligators, exotic birds and a variety of plant life.

What experience can you have when visiting indigenous communities in Cuyabeno?

By visiting indigenous communities in Cuyabeno, travelers can experience the ancient culture of the Amazon. They can participate in traditional dances, try local foods, and learn about local crafts, allowing them to connect with the land and history of the region.

What type of fishing is done in Cuyabeno?

Sustainable piranha fishing takes place in Cuyabeno, where travelers have the opportunity to experience the thrill of catching (and releasing) these incredible fish while learning about their role in the ecosystem.

Why is Cuyabeno ideal for stargazing?

Cuyabeno is ideal for stargazing due to the lack of light pollution, creating a perfect environment for amateur astronomers and night dreamers to enjoy an unparalleled star show.

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